Your Management Styles

How you manage depends on your situation.  Some situations may require you to be a team leader and others may require you to be authoritative to get the task done efficiently.  Being flexibe with your style is one of the best approaches.

Common management styles:

Impovrished: This is a disengaged approach that involves doing just enough to get through the day.

Authority: This is a controlling style that is not particularly good for building relationships. Usually more concern for the task than the people performing the task.

Non Authority: This is a style with high concern for the people doing the task and less for the task being done.  Usuall surrounded by team meetings, group outings and a warm friendly environment.

Team: This is a style that has a high level of concern for the people doing the task and equally the task being done.  This is the most effective style of management that will produce results.

Moderate: This is a style that is moderately concerned with the task and the people doing the task. It is more concerned with keeping things the way they have always been, not willing to ‘rock the boat’ if you will.

The key takeaway is to behave differently depending on the situation.


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