Why Good Managers Are Important!

Every company or organisation needs good managers. A good manager can be the difference between success and failure. One should never underestimate the value of a good manager.

Typically managers are involved in the following:

  • The hiring of talent
  • Managing performance
  • Purchasing of goods and services
  • Managing and motivating teams

A good manager is not only very good at their job but they are also good at leading others towards the goals of the company or organisation. And along that journey they have the experience and foresight to include the right employees with the right skills needed to get the job done right!

When projects and teams ‘go wrong’ you can be sure it’s down to the manager and not the individual in the team. A good manager will remove or replace an individual that will have a negative impact on the outcome. As the old saying goes ‘you are only as strong as your weakest link’ and it’s a manager’s job to seek out and replace the weakest links within the organisation.

If you spend time in any coffee shop you will hear employees sitting down and ‘moaning’ about their managers or being negative about work. You may say this is normal but at B2B LEEDS we believe this is abnormal. A good company and a good organisation will understand that happy employees are profitable employees and the mental wellbeing of employees cannot be ignored.

To be successful you must employ the very best managers to achieve your goals. Selecting a recruitment company to help you achieve this is important if you don’t have the time.

As a general manger or managing director it is important for you to recognise and support your managers as they are the key ‘cogs’ in the machine that is your business or organisation.



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