What Is Hire and Reward Insurance?

Hire and Reward insurance is designed to protect anybody using their vehicle to deliver other people or other people’s goods in exchange for payment (“reward”).

If you drive for work, you will need this special kind of insurance to cover your business on the roads. The type of insurance you require depends on your driver roles, experience and the activities they are involved with.  If your business is carrying goods or people in exchange for a fee, you will need hire and reward insurance.

Businesses that would need this type of insurance:

  • Couriers
  • Hauliers
  • Taxi Drivers
  • Chauffeurs
  • Furniture Removal businesses
  • Package Delivery Driver
  • Food Delivery Driver

It’s extremely important to choose the right insurance policy because your cover may be void if your drivers are in an accident without it. This could leave your business without financial support and liable to pay for any damages.

The safest option is to make sure you have the correct insurance in place. This way, if your vehicles are involved in an accident, you have the right level of cover.

Insurance is not an option it’s compulsory for all vehicles on UK roads and it’s a legal requirement to have the correct insurance policy if you are moving people’s goods or people for commercial purposes.

If you need help we recommend sourcing a local commercial insurance service provider for the best results.




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