What Is B2B Onboarding?

B2B onboarding is all about motivating customers or clients by getting them excited about the value and power of your product or service they have just purchased.

  • Educate them – Explain some of the features or functionality of your product. Encourage best practices and make it easier for customers to get the most from your product or service.
  • Build trust with them – Any relationship, even a B2B relationship, is based on trust. Helping customers make full use of their new service or product or service can ease that overwhelming feeling of getting started with something new.
  • Increase loyalty with them – Creating a positive customer experience with your brand leads to long-term loyalty and customer advocacy. Happy customers not only purchase more products but will spread the word and attract new business for your organisation.

A great place to start with any B2B customer onboarding process is with a set procedure of digital activities such as:

  • Welcome email

    Send a personalised welcome or thank you word, signed by your MD. This is also an opportune moment to introduce a customer to their account manager, and get some admin tasks out of the way.

  • Support or educational email

    Advise a new customer on the best way of getting in touch with your support services. Think about this as an opportunity to share some tips and tricks about your product, and empower customers to help themselves.

  • Event calendar email

    Invite your new customers to join you at your next event or tradeshow, it’s always great to meet the people who purchase your product.

  • Pick up the phone

    Nothing beats a personalised check-in with your customer. Schedule a call with them after the first weeks post-purchase and ask them about their experience so far.

If you need help we recommend sourcing a local service provider for the best results.





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