What Is A Serviced Office?

A serviced office – also known as a managed flexible office space – provides a total office solution that’s ready to use. Operators take on the responsibility of maintaining the building and may also provide additional services and facilities. This gives you the freedom to come and go in a short space of time and makes them accessible even if you have budgetary constraints.

The primary difference between serviced offices and conventional offices is the way they are used. A lease for a serviced office is usually short term and may only last for a few months; however, long-term leases, which are usually associated with conventional office spaces, can last for years. Serviced offices provide a much greater sense of flexibility because you can quickly and easily change your premises depending on your business requirements.

Serviced offices can be configured to suit your own personal needs and can significantly vary in size – from a single desk to an entire building. If you manage a large-scale business, you can even adjoin offices to accommodate larger amounts of staff. They may also contain shared amenities with other rented offices. This allows you to have access to an infrastructure that you may not have otherwise been able to afford.

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