What Is A Huddle Room?

Huddle rooms are defined as small conference areas that are equipped with audio, video and display system technology. These rooms are often used by groups who want to get together for impromptu and scheduled meetings to collaborate on projects.

These small spaces offer great versatility and typically used by employees to host:

  • meetings
  • brainstorming sessions
  • presentations

They can also function as a meeting room and allowing meetings between prospective clients and team members with ease.

Huddle spaces work to connect office-bound employees with remote workers via videoconferencing capabilities – dissolving the trend of time and distance separation between coworkers with the click of a call button.

Well equipped huddle rooms really are helping teams to work together in more efficient and effective ways. Typical teams need to perform several functions, from communicating in an enclosed space without worrying about disturbing others and presentation sharing between one team and another on screen.

With regards to collaboration, huddle spaces answer the call with a simple, no-fuss solution to team based functions.

The best thing to do is consult with a local company to discuss your plans.

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