What Is 5G?

5G is the next generation of mobile connectivity which is being rolled out mid to late 2019 that’s a step above 4G which means faster network speeds of upto 1GBps. 

With greater capacity and portability 5G will enable businesses to:

  • download faster
  • collaborate more easily 
  • communicate effectively in real-time

5G can be used to connect a much wider range of devices beyond mobile phones which is why it’s being seen as a major springboard for better business.

5G Speed

5G will be a lot faster than 4G networks and will enable users to download a full HD quality video in around 3.6 seconds, or new marketing videos being sent to you by your customers or service providers like media agencies and publishers.

It’s safe to say that 5G will be reaching data transfer speeds in the gigabits per second range. 1Gbps stands for billions of bits per second.  1Gbps is therefore equivalent to 1,000Mbps and will be the first time such lightning fast data downloads will be possible on mobile devices.  This is a gamechanger considering where we are now.

Another key feature of 5G is the reduction in latency. 5G is expected to provide a lag of 1 millisecond or less which means to the naked eye, we won’t see it.  With lower latency on the network this means real-time high-quality video streams are achievable. This is great for connecting with your team or your customers.

It also means you can easily monitor critical business events such as:

  • training
  • live performances
  • remote inspections
  • security monitoring
  • operational efficiency across multiple sites

For example we can already see the technology being used in the manufacturing industry where monitoring machine performance can be conducted in real-time.

Some businesses will be able to take immediate advantage of the new 5G networks that are being rolled out. Of course, they will need to invest in new hardware that will turn your office or workspace into a fully connected 5G zone.

To access a 5G network you need a smartphone with a 5G modem.

There are a handful on sale right now such as:

  • Samsung’s Galaxy S10 5G
  • OnePlus 7 Pro 5G,
  • Xiaomi’s Mi Mix 3 5G,
  • LG’s V50,
  • Oppo Reno 5G

Most 5G phones are top of the range offerings and will be more expensive.  We suggest seeking out a local service provider for the best results.


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