VPN’s : An Overview For Managers

VPN is an acronym that stands for “virtual private network.” A VPN connects one computer to another (server) and allows you to browse the internet through that computers internet connection. For example if that computer was in the USA you would now be able to access YouTube content that is only available in the USA. A VPN allows you to bypass geographical content restrictions.

VPN connections are also very secure and protects the communication between your computer and the computer you are connected to. Data is encrypted and stops untrustworthy eyes knowing what you are doing which is ideal for business and GDPR compliance. Since COVID your employees and teams are working from home and coffee shops which has security concerns. A VPN is a good idea for remote workers to securely connect to business computers.

Protection is the very essence of the VPN. When you are connected using a VPN, your computer or device becomes invisible to the rest of the internet such as:

  • bots
  • viruses
  • trojans
  • hackers

We recommend seeking out a local IT service provider for the best results.


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