Choosing A Vehicle Wrapping Company

When it comes to vehicle wrapping there are a few things to consider before going ahead:

  • the wrapping company
  • the quality of the materials to be used
  • the preparation of the vehicle before vinyl wrapping

Professional vehicle wrapping companies only use the best products and materials to prepare your vehicle for vinyl wrapping. 

The best manufacturing companies supplying vinyl are:

  • 3M
  • Arlon
  • Avery

Its a good idea to ask the company which manufacturer is supplying the vinyl wrap when conduction your due diligence.

These vinyl are known to be:

  • flexible
  • colour fade resistant
  • a good protector from weather
  • a good protector against stone chips
  • easily removable without negatively impacting the paint surface of the vehicle

Conversely, cheap vinyl on your vehicle can damage the paint of the vehicle and look ‘cheap’ regardless of how well it is initially applied.

Each vehicle needs to be specially prepared and cleaned to remove all traces of:

  • dirt
  • dust
  • grease
  • vehicle care products (polishers and wax)

The best vehicle wrapping companies will have specialist products for prepping the surface.  After washing the vehicle they will use a special liquid cleaner that leaves the surface of the vehicle clear of any excess impurities. Please note if the vehicle has any dents or significant visible scratches a professional vehicle wrapping company should refuse to wrap your vehicle.

Specific parts of the vehicle will need to be removed:

  • mirrors
  • lights
  • door handles
  • grille
  • badges
  • window trims

What to avoid when wrapping your vehicle:

  • Cheap vinyl poor quality vinyl that does not stretch well and may crack
  •  Visible join lines a poor vinyl installer will have visible join lines, each panel of the vehicle must be wrapped from one piece with no exceptions
  • Poor trimming and careless cutting a careless vinyl installer will make you pay more in the long-run for bodywork retouches or new paint
  • Creases and vinyl shrinkingpoor vehicle preparation causes creases and shrinking along the edges and looks bad

When seeking a company for your vehicle wrapping needs we suggest a local installer for the best results.


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