The Flexible Office Choice In Leeds

Under social distancing guidelines Leeds city offices may no longer be able to welcome the same number of employees back as before. Many businesses tied into traditional leases might find themselves with just 50% – 60% of their previous office available to them or in other words more bums than seats.

This new problem will create a group of employees who need space to work in. Some businesses will create a rota systems and others will continue with WFH (work from home) practices to ease the pain but not everybody wants to WFH.

Employees will be eager to get back, especially those who have spent the past few months working from their bedrooms, sharing WiFi connections or those that simply miss collaborative working.

The responsive Leeds businesses who recognise the value of office space might choose to place these employees in satellite serviced offices near their homes or in flexible overflow space near the company Head Office.

When it comes to Leeds office space, there’s no one size fits all. Flexible office space is just one of your options which can work for you.

We recommend sourcing a local service provider for the best results.


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