Sustainable Fit-Outs In Leeds


Depending on the type of fit-out you have planned it is important to consider the sustainability and origin of fit-out products and their supply chain.

Consider the following:

  • environmental impact
  • economic impact
  • social impact

It is also essential to ensure that any timber products you use are legally and responsibly sourced.

Materials: Prefer suppliers with a certified environmental management system (e.g. BES6001; ISO 14001 or EMAS) to ensure that they have systems in place to manage their environmental impacts in a comprehensive and systematic way.  If suppliers don’t have such certification, find out if they publish environmental performance data

Sourcing materials from local suppliers reduces the distance that materials have to travel. For bulky materials in particular, this helps to minimise transport emissions and can also result in significant cost savings. Using local businesses also helps to enhance the link between your own business and the area, supporting the local economy.

Energy: The specification of energy consuming equipment may be one of the key ways that you can influence energy demand. There are a number of energy performance rating systems which can be used to guide the procurement of items ranging from white goods to printers, resulting in lower carbon emissions and energy costs.

Ensure that procurement policies require electrical products with an EU Energy label, or equivalent (e.g. A or A+ rated as a minimum).

Ensure that standby settings are enabled to conserve energy when equipment is idling. Shut down fully at night/ when not in use.  Implement a planned, cost effective replacement and upgrade programme – consider standby and running costs in the selection processes.

Implementing the right project management and procurement procedures is an essential first step in optimising the overall sustainability of your building, with early actions providing the greatest and most cost effective opportunities.

An approach which simply prioritises price and quality rarely achieves the most sustainable outcomes in terms of:

  • environmental impact
  • occupant satisfaction
  • potential for lifecycle cost savings

Again by sourcing materials from local suppliers reduces the distance that materials have to travel.


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