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Communication Skills Training

The ability to communicate effectively is the most critical factor for all organisations. It is the glue that binds everything else together. Ineffective communication arises for a number of reasons – not enough communication, sometimes too much.

We may need to be more proactive or more specific and concise in how we communicate. Whatever the context of the communication, be the objective to inform, to present a sales solution or to inspire an audience to action through a stand-up presentation, we have to get it right.

Proactive, Person-Centred Communication

Communication skills development from Spinnaker puts the person at the centre of their communications world. Our basic challenge may be in communicating face-to-face with colleagues and customers rather than communicating remotely by e-mail or other media. It may be a lack of awareness of how they come across to others, irrespective of the medium.

Inspiring People to Action

We are responsible for everything we say and for ensuring – as far as possible – what people hear and feel and, through this, what they think and the resulting actions they take. Spinnaker builds communication skills by challenging attitudes and building the spectrum of communications ability.

Don’t Just Stand There, Stand Out!

Our philosophy is that communication skills are best developed through repeated practise and application and this lies at the heart of our communication development work and in all our training courses and coaching programs.

Spinnaker works with organisations that include KPMG, Baker Tilly, Team17 Software, HML and the University of Leeds, where our coaches support participants nominated for the prestigious Sir Peter Thompson award for Enterprise Scholars.

We will be delighted to support you in taking your communication where it needs to be.

For an initial conversation about your interest and what you need please contact us on 0113 261 4503 or by e-mail to info@spinnaker918.co.uk


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