Security Guide For Managers

While any security system may seem a bit overwhelming, as a manager you have to assess your company/department needs and prioritise any security upgrades identified.

To address most security needs in the workplace it is wise to:

  • install office access control
  • video surveillance
  • alarm monitoring
  • a fire alarm system

Video Surveillance:

Video surveillance systems can deter crime and gather evidence if one occurs.

These systems include:

  • security cameras
  • monitoring motion and activity
  • generating alerts
  • transmitting footage
  • storing footage

Cameras can be internal or external depending on the location of vulnerabilities. Having cameras may cause would-be burglars to bypass your business.  If a crime does occur the video footage can be shared with the police and your insurance company.  There are many options for cameras and monitoring so we suggest seeking out a local service provider for the best result.

Monitored Alarms:

Your workplace is at risk to break-ins and having an alarm is part of the solution.  If no one is around to respond to the alarm you will most likely fail to stop the crime. You may want to reduce the risks by having a system that is monitored by a professional service. Once turned on the system uses sensors to detect if a door or window has been opened or a window has been broken. These sensors trigger the alarm and whatever alerts have been set up e.g., send alert to a monitoring company or to designated smartphones.

Fire Alarm Systems:

Fire alarm systems can help you protect both your employees and property.  Detecting issues well before you or your employees might do is vitally important. Modern systems not only alert those in the building but will send information to the monitoring company.

Possible Procedures you may wish to implement:

  • a security policy available to all employees
  • visitor entry register
  • employee ID badges
  • restricted access areas
  • video security monitoring

We suggest seeking out a local service provider for the best result.


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