Secure Your Devices From Attack

Regardless of the size or type of organisation you work for, it’s important to understand why you might be vulnerable to a cyber attack and how to defend yourself. The advice summarised below is applicable to your working life and your work from home life.

The smartphones, tablets, laptops or desktop computers that you use can be exploited both remotely and physically, but you can protect them from many common attacks.

Don’t ignore software updates – they contain patches that keep your device secure. Your organisation may manage updates, but if you’re prompted to install any make sure you do.

Always lock your device when you’re not using it.  Use a PIN, password, or fingerprint/face id. This will make it harder for an attacker to exploit a device if it is left unlocked, lost or stolen.

Avoid downloading dodgy apps and only use official app stores:

  • Google Play or the
  • Apple App Store

They provide some protection from viruses. Don’t download apps from unknown vendors and sources.

We recommend sourcing a local IT company to assist you.





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