Promote Your ‘Values’ & Win New Business

The Leeds City region has a very competitive business landscape and because of this it is important for businesses to differentiate themselves from the competition. One of the best ways of doing this is by promoting the company ‘values’ to your potential customers.

Values are the things that mean something to someone and if that someone is a ‘decision maker’ or ‘influencer’ then those values become important.

Example One:
There is a Leeds company seeking a new cleaning contractor for several sites around the city. The manager charged with finding a cleaning company has strong values regarding the protection of the environment. It is therefore clear to assume the cleaning companies that use non environmentally friendly cleaning products will be eliminated during the first stages of due diligence. This now leaves companies that use environmentally friendly cleaning products in the running for new business.

Example Two:
A Leeds company with core values of ‘supporting the local community’ are seeking a recruitment company to assist them with finding 5 new employees for the next stage of growth. The manager charged with finding a recruitment company approaches the search with these core community values in mind.

The recruitment companies that appear not to support local issues and projects are eliminated during the first stages of due diligence and the recruitment companies that promote their community donations or community initiatives are now in the running for new business. 

It does not mean the eliminated companies cannot do a good job it just means they ‘self eliminated’ by not promoting their ‘values’ which for some were actually in line with their potential client’s values.

Key Takeaway: The above examples show how important it is to communicate your company values when seeking new business. Many companies promote the product or the service and forget about the values.

When seeking to promote your business we recommend sourcing a local company for the best results.


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