Print Advertising? Read This First!

Before you buy print advertising we recommend you do the following to ensure you are not completely wasting your money.

Cold calling is a part of business, it’s how companies generate new business and communicate their message.  That’s not the problem.

At B2BLEEDS we recommend conducting some basic due diligence before you buy.

How they advertise their jobs: Go to any popular job site and type in the company name or ‘media sales’ to see what their job advertisements request. Do they use words like ‘money-hungry‘? If they do then you should be careful.  Companies that openly use this type of speech want to attract employees that will say anything to get the deal.

Number of copies: If they say ‘we print 30,000 copies’ then ask them for a ‘printers receipt’.  This will confirm how many copies have actually been printed.

Calculate the ‘number’: Ask for the weight of the publication and then calculate how much it would cost to distribute 30,000 publications at that weight to those destinations to get a ‘number.  If the ‘number is unrealistic then the chances of it being true are unrealistic. Weight x Cost to post x Number of copies = ‘number’

Name of the sales person: Does the sales person have an ‘overly familiar sounding name’ like ‘Dave Pacino‘ or ‘Mike Deniro’ or ‘Nathan Bourne‘?  Typically names that make you feel as though they are familiar to you.  Just be alert to the names of the people cold calling you. 

Words and phrases:  Are they using phrases from movies that are worshipped by hard core sales teams.

Movies like:

  • Boiler Room
  • The Prime Gig
  • Wolf Of Wall Street
  • Glengarry Glen Ross

Native advertising:

  • Is the advertising linked to the needs and wants of the audience?
  • Do they take advertising from just about anyone?
  • Does the engineering publication have an advert from a wildlife charity or wine company? 

These observations will help you to make an informed decision regarding its usefulness.  We are not saying that all print advertising is bad and a waste of money but some of it is, so take care.

For the best results we recommend using local media providers with their head office and registered office based in Leeds.



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