Physical Security Is Just As Important When Protecting IT Assets

In the same way that software is important to protect against cyber attack physical security is needed to protect information technology.

Access control, both physical and software related is a key principle of cyber security.

Controlling who can access company:

  • devices
  • accounts
  • data

The technical control includes creating user accounts for everyday use and limiting access to those people that need them for their roles.

Access control also includes physical access to equipment and premises.

This would include:

  • protection from unauthorised people walking unchecked into an office
  •  protection from unauthorised people walking unchecked into the server room

The rule of ‘least privilege’ means staff are given the resources and data necessary to perform their roles, but no more. The same rule can be applied to accessing different parts of the business premises. Physical access control measures can include using a key card or biometric scan to enter the building and further access control for different offices, ensuring that computer screens are not visible from the window.

Physical and cyber security have long been seen as separate concerns, but with the rise of smart buildings the boundaries between the two are becoming less visible.

Leeds businesses and organisations need to find ways to better identify and respond to risks wherever they may come from.

We recommend sourcing local experts to help with these concerns.


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