Office Telephone Systems A Quick Guide


There are two main types of telephone system:

  • on-site system
  • cloud-based system

An on–site solution if for those that prefer to have the actual hardware on-site.  This hardware connects up all your phone extensions and links them to the phone network, often using PSTN or ISDN telephone lines. You may have seen the acronym PBX (Private Branch exchange) which is another name for an on-site phone system. 


  • You’re not ready for a cloud-based system
  • You want the security of an on-site solution
  • You want to use both the traditional and IP network for calls
  • Your broadband will not support a cloud solution
  • Spread your payments

For a small business with simple requirements and a stable internet connection, a hosted cloud-based solution offers low up-front costs with manageable monthly fees.


  • You don’t want the system hardware on site
  • No large purchase cost
  • Set up is very quick
  • Future proofed with automatic updates
  • Easy to add users with online dashboard
  • No maintenance costs
  • Dedicated helpdesk
  • Use the internet for you calls and data

Whatever your needs we recommend sourcing a local telephone systems service provider for the best outcome.


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