Office Design Affects How Employees Work

As an employer or department head your vision of the internal look and feel of the company will impact how it will be designed and received by your employees and visitors alike.  Below are some key points to consider when selecting, designing or upgrading your office space.

There are two basic types of office:

  • open
  • closed

Closed offices are considered “old school” nowadays, with their cubicles and separated workstations. However, just because the closed office is “old school”, doesn’t mean that it is not functional.

Open offices on the other hand are great for companies where communication and interaction are critical elements of the work. Seeing other people and being able to view their body language can prevent the feeling of alienation and promote co-operation.

There are four basic considerations for any office to be productive for work:

  • noise
  • air quality & circulation
  • colour
  • working temperature

Noise and temperature are perhaps the biggest complaints voiced by employees.

Stress in the workplace can be triggered by the following:

  • road and building works
  • repetitive tapping of keyboards
  • solid floors
  • ringing telephones

The list of headache inducing noises is long, hence the need for sound-absorbing materials:

  • soft furniture
  • carpeting over solid floors
  • sound and echo-reducing ceilings

Further considerations to apply to any office plan:

  • temperature monitoring and management
  • ability to open up windows
  • ergonomic seating and furniture
  • humidity controllers
  • colour scheming the office environment

A badly designed office which does not take the above into consideration may well find its employees getting ill or taking days of due to stress.

We recommend sourcing a local fitout expert for the best results.




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