Mental Health In The Workplace

Awareness around mental health in the workplace has become more prominent.  Without effective management, this can have a serious impact on physical health, productivity and more.

Factors at work that can impact mental health:

  • Conflicting work and home demands
  • Excessive workload
  • Lack of recognition
  • High-stress environments
  • Poor leadership

Currently, it is estimated that one in every six employees in the Leeds City Region suffers from mental health issues.  With mental ill-health being one of the leading causes of absence from work which can also lead to:

  • burnout
  • fatigue
  • irregular moods
  • stress
  • anxiety
  • reduced focus
  • poor relationships

How the situation deteriorates:  

  • Increased sick days

Ignoring mental health issues can eventually lead to physical sickness and the inability to work. Absence due to mental health has risen by 5% since 2009 in the UK.

  • Presenteeism

Showing up at work when ill can result in a loss of productivity, exacerbate mental health issues and add more pressure to what is an already toxic cycle.

  • Limited career options

Due to lack of awareness and sensitivity around mental health at work, 35% of people think they are less likely to get promoted if they suffer from depression.

  • Low team morale

If someone with a mental illness reaches a point where they can no longer work, other team members usually have to take on increased workloads.

Being aware of good mental health in the workplace is so important for the work environment going forward.


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