MAY 22ND – Customer Acquisition & Engagement

Join Mediaworks and Google as they will focus on how you can collect data, better understand your customers, and apply this insight to benefit your targeting and creative output.

Don’t Focus on the Clicks, Focus on the Customer – Daniel Hoggan, Mediaworks

Reviewing the importance of optimising for your customer. From content types to personalisation, Daniel will cover the key takeaways you need to consider as part of our digital plan.

Converting Your Customer Experience – Andrew Blenkinsop, Mediaworks

Discussing the importance of synergy between your on-site experience and SEO in order to drive greater conversions.

Focus On The User And All Else Will Follow – Susie Gorman, Google

From the design of a new internet browser to a new tweak of a home page, Google will explain how any update is designed to serve the user.

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