Managing Home Workers

Working from home is at the moment the new ‘norm’ for many office based employees in Leeds. As an employer or manager there are a few things to consider.

The importance of:

  • regular communication with home workers
  • regular team activities
  • regular face to face meetings to encourage your team
  • regularly providing feedback on their performance

If you follow the above it’s possible to avoid a loss of morale or a loss of productivity, which sadly is a symptom of working from home in isolation.

As an employer or manager you might also wish to revisit employee contracts which may not include working from home.

  • Are you insured for any equipment being supplied to your employee?
  • Are your IT policies known and up to date regarding cyber security and GDPR?

As an employer you also have a duty of care or responsibility regarding your employees working from home.

You must make sure employees have the appropriate:

  • workspace
  • equipment to safely perform their work from home
  • health & safety awareness

Local law firms or independent HR consultants are best placed to help and assist you.





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