Scammers Target Leeds Law Firms

Leeds law firms should ensure that all their staff and clients are aware of the scams and tactics being used in cyber fraud.

As a manager you should explain to clients how they can help prevent becoming the victims of fraud.

This may include making them aware of the risks of:

  • posting information on social media
  • not checking before making payments
  • not knowing the common tactics being used by fraudsters

Advise clients on your method of communication with them.

For example you will:

  • only send emails from one person
  • only send emails from one specific email address
  • only communicate via their client portal

By following these specific communication channels it will be easier to identify suspicious emails.

Well educated and vigilant staff can help to spot and prevent problems. By ensuring a culture of vigilance and caution within the firm will be an advantage.

We recommend sourcing a local cyber security training provider for the best results.




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