A Look At Wellbeing Massages In The Workplace

A fantastic way to reward your employees for hitting a target or meeting a deadline is to hold a wellbeing event at work.  A popular choice is a 10 – 15 minute massage event provided by a local wellbeing service provider.

A ten minute on-site seated massage can help improve:

A ten minute chair massage is likely to have a positive impact on the team at work as well as the potential benefits to the company as a whole.  Employees are better able to think more clearly when they are free from stress. 

Away from their desk for a ten minute treat will enable them to:

  • feel calmer and less stressed
  • refocus
  • regroup
  • be more productive

After the treatment employees will be more able to focus fully on their work without the distraction of feeling tense or overwhelmed.  During the treatment, employees remain fully clothed with various massage techniques used to release tension from:

  • back
  • neck
  • arms
  • hands

It makes sense to look after your greatest asset, the people that work for you. On-site chair massage events can help to reduce levels of stress in the workplace, resulting in increased efficiency and less sick leave.

For the best results we recommend sourcing a local service provider.




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