A Look At Vending Machines

Adding a vending machine to your workplace does have immediate and obvious benefits such as happier employees. Your employees will see that you have their best interests in mind. By adding a convenient and accessible source of food and drink also helps create an efficient working environment.

Over time you will find that a vending machine acts as a ‘mini hub’ for social meeting and office interaction therefore helping to strengthen working relationships and overall employee satisfaction. As odd as it may sound, a vending machine can help motivate staff and positively impact their efficiency at work.

Typically vending machines are:

  • ideal for co-working office space
  • ideal for industrial estates where the nearest cafe could be far away
  • ideal for dedicated training venues
  • ideal for locations with limited space
  • ideal for locations that are operational after hours or 24/7

The benefits of vending machines:

  • low maintenance
  • convenient
  • ability to keep employees on-site/local
  • always available 24/7
  • able to provide ‘grab and go’ nutritious food for employees and visitors alike

A vending machine is often associated with:

  • chocolate bars
  • sweets
  • crisps
  • sugary drinks

It’s okay to offer these to your employees but you can also stock it with healthier options.  If you recognise that health and wellness plays a vital part in your employee satisfaction you can work with your vending machine partner to source healthier options. This can also motivate your staff to make nutritious choices throughout the working day.

Instead of spending the extra 5 to 10 minutes to brew a coffee or prepare a drink, vending machines can dispense a drink in around 20-40 seconds therefore saving time. Your employees can rest easy and refuel without wasting time in a kitchen or running out for coffee or a bite. Vending machines allows your employees to stay in-house and get back to work quickly and efficiently, while being fed and hydrated.

Vending machine companies are typically happy to work with you to create a vending area specific to your operations and needs which can include custom made housings to suit your specific needs.

For the best results we recommend sourcing a local service provider.





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