Is Your Business Breaking Competition Law?

This simple checklist can help you understand what situations might put your business at risk of breaking competition law.

  • Are you in a market where you know most, or all of your competitors?
  • Do you have competitors who are also customers or business partners?
  • Do you have a large number of sales staff?
  • Do staff frequently move between businesses in your sector?
  • Do you have contact with your competitors through work (i.e. at trade events or association meetings) or at social events?
  • Do you ever discuss your prices or fees?
  • Do you ever talk about your customers or territories?
  • Do you ever share information about your future commercial plans?
  • Do you ever agree to work together or follow set rules?

Agreeing with your competitors how you do business can be illegal.

You could be:

  • fined
  • stopped from running your company
  • imprisoned

Make sure you and your staff understand the risks.

For more information about competition law and anti-competitive behaviours, see the Competition and Markets Authority’s (CMA) short video guides

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