How To Perform A Skills Gap Analysis

Skills Gap Analysis (SGA) is a systematic method that allows managers to gauge the current skill levels within the company or organisation. As a manager you will be able to pinpoint the additional skills that you’ll need to reach your company or organisation’s objective.

Step 1: Planning

SGA can be performed at two levels:

  • The Individual – you can identify the skills required for a particular job and then compare them to the actual skill level of an employee.
  • The Team or organisation – you can check whether your employees have the skills needed for a particular project or you need to source these skills externally via recruitment agency.

Step 2: Identifying the essential skills

The skills required can be easily identified by answering the following questions:

  • Which skills does the company value?
  • Which skills do the employees require to do their jobs both now and in the future?

Step 3: Measuring the current skills

You can use the following to measure the existing skills:

  • Assessments and surveys
  • Employee interviews
  • Performance reviews feedback
  • Skills analysis software

Step 4: Taking action on the data

There are two ways in which the skill gaps can be filled:

You can therefore determine which approach works best for the specific skill gap.


The right training helps in closing the gap between where you are now and where you want to be.

We recommend managers engage the services of a local professional training provider for the best results.



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