How To Identify Your Customers With 15 Questions

It is imperative that you identify your target audience before you start spending money on advertising and promotion.

Unless you know how and where your ideal clients are getting their information, you won’t know where to market your business, or how to put it in front of the right people.

Start identifying your target audience by answering these questions:

  1. Who is your product or service for?
  2. Who does it most thoroughly serve?
  3. Who wants or needs what you’re offering?
  4. How old are they?
  5. Where do they live?
  6. What is their marital and family situation?
  7. What is their income bracket?
  8. What products do they already buy?
  9. Where do they shop?
  10. What are their interests?
  11. Who and what influences their decisions?
  12. Who will most highly value your product or service’s special features (those things that differentiate your company from the competition)?
  13. Which social media platforms do they use? Or where are they spending their time?
  14. Who is the decision maker? Tip: it’s not always the end user.
  15. Who does your competition serve?

If you’re not sure about how to answer these questions on your own, a great source is any existing ideal client. A customer who’s perfect for your brand will not only have great advice for you on how to reach and move others like them, they’ll know where to find those people.

Go for it and ask questions!

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