Do You Have A Muster Point?

A muster point is a designated meeting place away from the place of work for employees and visitors to gather in an emergency situation such as a fire or gas leak.

Employees and visitors should be able to safely exit the building and quickly find the muster point.

A muster point is a vital part of emergency planning and all workplaces should hold regular emergency drills to ensure everyone knows where the muster point is located.

When choosing a muster point consider the following: 

  • Log Entry & Exits: A simpe log of who is in the building at any one time is a must for a successful muster point operation.  As a manager you need to know who was in the building and who was not at the time of the emergency.
  • Employees: Large workforces need larger spaces to assemble, choose an area that can accommodate everyone.
  • Safe Area: Ensure the muster point does not lead individuals to a secondary hazard such as a busy road crossing.
  • Accessibility: Choose an easy to reach and close by muster point that avoids access via stairs where possible.
  • Promote It: Have clearly designed maps to the muster point posted around the workplace for all to see.


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