Direct-To-Card Printers Guide

Direct-to-card printers (DTC) also referred to as “dye sublimation printers,” in some cases are the most common and use ink ribbons and cards to print. The print head of DTC printers contain small glass pixels that press the ink directly onto the cards.

This type of printing produces a small white border around the edge, this is because the print head is not able to go beyond the edge of the cards. DTC printers give faster print speeds and lower cost per card than other available printers.

DTC printers are designed for printing onto regular PVC cards as well as adhesive backed cards used for ID in the workplace or at organised events.

Common Uses For Direct To Card Printers:

  • ID cards for employees
  • Event passes
  • Visitor identification
  • Pre-Paid cards
  • Badges
  • Gift cards

DTC printers are typically used on a network of multiple users with connectivity being key:

  • USB 2.0 is the standard connection between printers and computers and is very reliable, but limits the networking capabilities and positioning of the unit.
  • Ethernet is the next step up and allows for direct networking of printers to a network, allowing multiple users on different computers and different locations to work from the same printer.
  • Wi-Fi or wireless connectivity is the next step up and eliminates the need for cables when networking the printer.

DTC printers are available for all types of businesses and organisations with basic models allowing managers to create cards easily for their teams and departments.

Depending on the needs of your organisation we recommend seeking out a local provider for the best outcome.


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