Create Winning Marketing Campaigns

A great marketing campaign creates great awareness.  A mediocre campaign creates mediocre awareness.  Whilst this is a provocative over simplification it makes the point that successful companies are rooted in successful marketing.

If you operate in a competitive landscape then you need to stand out to be seen.  One way to stand out is to show your audience that you know what you are doing and you are good at it. 

Another way to stand out and to be remembered is to educate your audience about their industry sector, teach them ‘how to do something better’ and they will remember you for a long time, which is what you want whenever you spend money on marketing.  When someone learns something from you or reads something you have written that educates them, you now have a ‘space in their mind’ which is difficult for them to unlearn or easily forget. 

Promotional Content must be there for a purpose:

  • to educate your potential customers
  • to solve problems of your potential customers
  • to communicate your business values to potential customers
  • to showcase your in-house expertise
  • to be visible to your potential customers (TOMA)
  • to be linked to content that is connected to your product or service offering

It is constantly surprising how many companies advertise in the wrong places.  Only advertise when there is a logical reason for your business to be seen there.  If you place an advertisement on a website or in a publication that is B2B & B2C then you are wasting money by promoting to an audience that is B2C when you are a B2B company.  B2B companies should advertise to a B2B audience for the best results.

If your main customers come from Leeds, does it make sense to advertise on a platform that has content about Bristol or Luton?  If your main business is in Leeds then only spend your marketing pounds on platforms focused on Leeds it makes sense.  This may sound simple but many companies waste a lot of money on marketing platforms that are not focused on where their customers live and operate.




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