Conflict Management In The Workplace

Conflict is created when disagreements lead to arguments and ‘bad vibes’ between people with competing ideas and approaches to doing things. 

There are many sources of conflict in the workplace:

  • differences of opinion
  • dissatisfaction with working conditions
  • dissatisfaction with remuneration
  • excessive workloads
  • lack of recognition
  • lack of promotion
  • perceptions unfair treatment
  • feelings of insecurity
  • fear of redundancy
  • clashes of personality
  • breakdowns in communication
  • differing expectations regarding behaviour

The guide points below will help managers understand the complexities of conflict management.

  1. Be aware of potential conflict
  2. Take a considered and rational approach to conflict
  3. Investigate the situation
  4. Decide the best way to tackle the conflict
  5. Let everyone involved have their say
  6. Identify solutions and agree a way forward
  7. Implememt what has been agreed
  8. Evaluate how things are going
  9. Think of preventative strategies for the future




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