Commercial Property Disputes

In commercial property landlords are trying to avoid overpaying for the services they have to provide and tenants are trying to avoid overpaying for the services they receive. With each party looking out for themselves its clear to see how disputes can arise.

When disputes do arise they are typically related to the following:

  • service charges
  • disputes over alterations
  • lease renewals and surrenders
  • terminations of leases (by landlord or tenant)
  • sinking funds
  • invoices for service charges
  • dilapidations and disrepairs
  • overages and clawbacks (seller/purchaser)
  • rent arrears recovery
  • exercising break options
  • sub-letting

When disputes do arise it is important to know what to do to ensure the best outcome.

In such a situation you are going to need a local legal expert with the following:

  • experience of advising both sides (landlord/tenant)
  • commercial lease negotiation expertise
  • mediation and dispute resolution experience

Mediation can provide a quick, cheap, informal and confidential means of settling a dispute in order to avoid going to a court.

We recommend sourcing a local law firm for the best results.





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