Claim Your R&D Tax Relief

Many small and medium-sized Leeds businesses are failing to claim R&D tax relief because they don’t know anything about it.

There is a lack of awareness regarding the subject and a lack of publicity by government departments such as HMRC.

There is also a perception that R&D tax relief is only for hi-tech companies working in the field of science and technology.  Companies therefore ‘self eliminate’ because of a negative perception that its not for them.

There is also a misconception that claiming R&D tax relief is time consuming and expensive.  Most law and accountancy practices will have R&D tax specialists.  They will typically only take a commission from a successful claim.  Their in-house experts will handle your R&D tax relief case from start to finish which makes the process super easy.

Every sector that is innovating can make a claim:

  • claims from restaurants developing new dishes
  • manufacturers coming up with more efficient ways to produce new products
  • an engineering firm developing a new flood defense barrier system

All that matters is time or money has been spent on:

  • a new product
  • a new process
  • a new service

SMEs in every sector have a need to innovate to remain competitive and relevant. R&D tax relief is there to be claimed and we recommend seeking out a local Leeds law firm or accountancy practice for the best results.

If you plan to buy a product or service for your business in the next 12 months please complete the form below.