Choosing An Audio Visual Display Service Provider


During the pandemic demand for audio visual technology has increased significantly due to businesses investing in technology to enable communication between their teams and clients.

An Audio Visual Display System includes technology used for visual and audio communication such as:

  • PA Systems

  • Video Conferencing Systems

  • Touch Screen Displays

  • LCD Projectors & Screens

  • Intercom Systems

  • Video Streaming Technology

  • Commercial TV Screens

  • LED Lighting Systems

  • Interactive Displays & Kiosks

Below are some key points to consider when seeking a new AV Installation service provider.

Complete Solution: Do they provide a complete system installation from start to finish or will they be outsourcing sections of the installation.

Do They Listen: Do they listen to and understand your needs or are they walking you down a ‘cookie cutter’ path. The best service providers will listen to what you want and advise appropriately.

Best Value: Are they value for money? They only way to find out is to have 2 or 3 companies on the short list to compare prices. Which one will give you the best possible value and return on investment.

On-Going Technical Support: Do they provide on-going support for the AV system through warranty or maintenance programs to ensure the system’s continued usability.

Where Is Their Focus: Are they just after your money or are they after your solution. Find out where their focus is and use this to eliminate the provider that is not in tune with your focus.

Future Proofing: Will the system be adaptable to future developments in technology, efficiency and upgrades.

Clarity & Transparency: Will they specify in the proposal and any quotation all the necessary components and services required to create your new AV system.

Expert Technical Staff: Do they have experts working for them? What achievements have their employees reached and are they familiar with BS 8590:2014 which is the code of practice for the installation of audio visual equipment.

Training Support:Do they or can they offer you training sessions to help staff become skilled in using the new AV system.

We recommend you seek out a local professional AV Installation business offering a complete design, supply and installation solution for the best results.


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