Choosing A Cyber Security Advisor

It can be difficult for many companies to know where to begin when creating a cyber security programme or roadmap and will need a trusted cyber security advisor to help.

Any company that has:

  • email
  • website
  • modern phone system
  • people using computers

Will require cyber security at some level to protect their businesses and to keep it safe from cyber attacks.

Simply buying technology doesn’t suddenly make a company protected.  The technology needs to be implemented and maintained, it needs to be integrated with other technologies and everyday human tasks and processes.

To know what you need and what to buy is difficult.  To help you create an IT Security Profile of your business or a Cyber Security Plan for your business you will need a trusted professional cyber security advisor to complete the task.

Trusted advisors can take many forms depending on the requirements of the business.

  • Type A: It could be someone that comes in and helps identify cyber security gaps in order to help determine how best to close them.
  • Type B: It could be someone that helps align the business to specific industry standard security frameworks.
  • Type C:  It could be someone that  helps businesses to align with regulations and compliance which is vital if the business targets new business contracts  with listed companies.

Must Haves:

  • Should have access to other industry experts or be a member of an industry association.
  • The ability to learn about and understand the business and what its values are.
  • Is focused on making your business better and is independently free to choose any software or technology on the market to fix your problem.
  • They must be relatable. Sometimes with an impressive CV and work experience managers will overlook the fact that they can’t actually work with them on a personal level.

A trusted advisor can take the form of a person or team of people, hired or brought in externally, that will help assess the business from a cyber security perspective and assist in planning the next 2-3 years of your cyber security programme.

We recommend sourcing a local service provider.




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