Business Interruption Insurance

A business faces everyday risks when conducting ‘normal business’ activities.

These risks are usually:

  • theft
  • damage
  • accidents
  • mistakes
  • legal fees

Business Insurance or a Comprehensive Policy is there to protect you from these risks.

Business Interruption Insurance is a special ‘ad-on’ to the above comprehensive policy. It covers the business in the event of serious business interruption such as a fire or natural disaster. It is also tax deductible as a normal ‘business expense’.

This type of insurance also covers:

  • operating expenses
  • moving to a temporary location
  • loan payments
  • tax
  • payroll

Business interruption insurance also covers loss caused by government actions that result in business operations stopping temporarily.

The insurance you need will depend on your specific type of business and the everyday risks it faces

We recommend seeking out a local service provider for the best results.


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