Break the Rules & Close More Sales

If you’re a Business Owner, Managing Director or Senior Partner who believes your company can do better, this upcoming Masterclass is for you.

Find out:

  • How your current sales approach could undermine your efforts to FIND, CLOSE, GROW and RETAIN your client base.
  • Why many sales approaches are failing in the current market.
  • How to understand your prospect’s real buying motives.
  • 4 keys to managing your business so you develop top level salespeople and achieve continuous sales improvement.
  • 7 steps to ‘Trusted Advisor Selling’ that guarantee results.
  • How to motivate your salespeople to take responsibility and stop hiding behind excuses!

This is an interactive round table event for Business Owners, Managing Directors and Senior Partners around the boardroom table. Doors open at 1:30 pm for coffee.

This round table event is completely underwritten by Sandler Training so it’s FREE to you with advance registration.

Sandler Training has shaken and stirred top IT business leaders in companies like IBM, Oracle, Dell, Lenovo and LinkedIn; they now understand why sales people and managers get caught in traps like these and how to escape them.

In two hours we will reveal how you can lead your team out of the traps to the front of the pack. Register on this page for your complimentary ticket for this Director’s briefing.

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