Be In Control Of Your Office Relocation

  1. Consider your budget

The primary consideration you need to take into account is the budget you have for your entire relocation.

This includes everything from:

  • choosing the right spot for relocation
  • choosing the right team for the task
  • hiring transportation

Don’t forget to include any other relevant expenses that may be related to your move. The budget forms the backbone for the entire process that helps to keep the service on track.

  1. Formulate an efficient plan

Once you have decided on the budget, the next important task in hand is to come up with an optimised plan. When you are working on planning your relocation, you also need to pay attention to your meetings, appointments and any client deals that will obviously be affected by the relocation process. The planning process also includes choosing the dates, services, and other aspects that will be affected during the process. You also need to consider the common utility services – the ones you enjoy in your present office as well as the ones you will need at your new place. You will probably get frustrated if the electricity and water services have not been organised before you move. You should also take some time out to physically go and visit the new location so as to identify and possible oversights by you or your team.

  1. Get rid of the unwanted items

There are a lot of things in your office that you may have required at one point of time. There is no benefit in moving obsolete items to your new office as it will block up the effective space over there as well. Prepare a list on the things you need and things you don’t. You can sell the items you don’t need or just distribute them for free to those who are in need of those items. Obviously, most of the items in your new office will be new and that means you will be spending some money on purchasing those items as well. So when you sell those items on, it can help to maintain your budget.

  1. Organise the items

Once you have decided on the list of your essentials, start to organise them. Transporting the computers and other fragile items can be risky. So take time to carefully arrange them. You also need to organise your files and folders well, so that you do not have to hunt for them among all the boxes in your new space. Once you have arranged all the items into boxes, consider labeling them. This is one of the most basic ways of structuring almost anything and also saves you time. As you organise the items properly into categories and tag them the right way, you will know which box to look for regarding a particular item. You can also create a catalogue with the box numbers and the list of items in them to make things even simpler.

  1. Hire a local professional company

There are a lot of moving companies currently working in the market. But not all the office relocation services in Leeds are equally efficient in terms of services and quality. Conduct research to find some of the most professional service providers that suit your budget and expectations. Check out the reviews from the other clients and the time period for which they have been operating in Leeds. Make sure that you request for a quote to the companies relevant to the services you need.

  1. Notify your IT team in advance

One of the biggest problems to deal during office relocation is to arrange the IT data. These are some of the most vital information of your entire business. Notify your IT team with at least 3 months ahead of time. When things are organised beforehand, getting back to work after the relocation is done will be much easier and less time consuming. That means your office can immediately resume the work schedules as soon as the relocation and rearrangements are complete.

  1. Give your employees the time to pack

Your employees most likely have their belongings scattered all around your present office. Some may have files and documents that they need to arrange while some may also have other personal items. Giving them as much notice as possible will pay off when the time of the move approaches.

  1. Read the agreement well

No matter what the office relocation service may offer to help with your moving plans you must make sure to read the agreement terms thoroughly before signing. This will help you to highlight any potential hidden costs (if any) involved.

  1. Maintain effective communication

Effective communication is the solution to most problems – be it personal or professional. By using effective communication your employees and your clients will be fully aware of timelines and any potential disruptions. The drivers and managers for the entire process must be also included in the communication. This will help to keep track of the progress even if you are not physically present at the spot to take care of all the minute details.

  1. Update your new address

Do not forget to update your new address.

This includes:

  • your website
  • social pages
  • visiting cards
  • letter heads
  • amazon account

This is one of the easiest ways to let your new clients know where to find you and also inform your old clients of your new location. Do not forget to update your new address with the delivery services to ensure the packages and deliveries you expect won’t arrive at the old address while you are expecting them at your new office.

Best practice would involve researching local service providers in Leeds for the right company to meet your needs.




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