Back Up Your Data!

If you lost all of your business data what would you do? Data is the ‘blood’ of the business and should be protected. As a manager you know it is important to back up your data and allow the business to continue in the event of an incident such as being hacked or fire damage.

There are several options depending on the size of your business. For most small operations backing up your data onto 4TB portable hard drives will be sufficient providing you are certain you will not misplace them or have them stolen.

If your data is considerably greater than 4TB then you may wish to look at cloud data backup services as an option. Online backup services scan your hard drive for files worthy of protecting, encrypt them for security and send them up to the service providers online servers. Once your files are uploaded, you can access and restore your data from anywhere with ease.

Using a backup service will most likely involve years of commitment so its important to make an informed decision before going ahead.  Make sure you check out the expertise the service provider has in-house, read interviews with their staff or identify their values and see if they are in sync with yours before going ahead.

We recommend sourcing a local service provider for the best results.





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