Adopting Remote Recruitment Solutions

Social distancing means businesses are having to adapt as they adjust to market needs.

To continue to recruit effectively one has to embrace the new remote working and soicial distancing world we find ourselves in.

Candidates today are experiencing many different types of interviews – from traditional job interviews that involve a live meeting in an interview room to a completely remote process run through online interviewing platforms.

There are several short-term solutions you can adopt.  Here are 3 to get you up and running quickly.

1.Application screening with specific questions

Unlike traditional screening methods, online screening is largely automated. Specific questions can be used to quickly screen out unsuitable candidates whilst efficiently identifying candidates for further assessment or interview.

2.On-Demand Video Interviewing

In an on demand video interview, the candidate is usually asked to respond to preset questions that are recorded by the recruiter or hiring manager and the answers are reviewed.  Recorded video interviews are a fantastic way to deliver a great candidate experience whilst still engaging candidates remotely. Interviews can easily be shared with hiring managers, which is of huge benefit when working with a remote recruitment team.

3.Live Video Interviewing and Candidate Scheduling

Live interviewing enables remote interviewing to happen where a candidate or interviewer cannot be present. Live video Interviews increase the speed and likelihood of getting candidates to the next stage.

Regardless of your situation we suggest seeking out a local recruitment company with these solutions as part of their service offering for the best results.



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