Act Your Way To Success!

Definition: An actor is a person who portrays a character in a performance.

An employee can be seen as an actor and as we all know an actor needs:

  • a script (company policy, values & beliefs) 
  • direction (managing)

When we ‘clock on’ to start work its time to get into character. Time to park who we are and adopt the acting role of company employee.

As a manger it’s very important that your team know the roles they play and how best to play them. When you welcome new staff its vital they are fully aware of the company script and the best way to act with not only customers and clients but with other employees too.

In reality there are two versions of your employees:

  • the person they are outside of work
  • the person they become when you pay them to work

If your employees know their lines when engaging with customers and they know how to act, there is a much better customer experience which leads to repeat business and/or recommendations. Remember, ‘People buy people first‘.

Problems typically occur when employees ‘step out of character’ and allow personal feelings or personal opinions to take over, therefore deviating from the script and ruining the performance.

To maintain acting standards its important as a manager to have rehearsals where your teams role play every day customer/client scenarios or troubleshoot potential client difficulties, again with role play and scripted responses. ‘Practice makes perfect‘.

Just as actors are rewarded for good performances so should your employees be rewarded for good performances.

Recognise good acting and reward it with:

  • book vouchers
  • a financial bonus
  • tickets to an event
  • days off
  • employee events
  • employee of the month acknowledgement certificates
  • training
  • a position of responsibility (first aider or team leader)

Encourage your team to deliver on performance and remember to reward the good ‘actors’ in the workplace.




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