Planning Employee Events

Your employees are your greatest asset and it makes sense to look after them by rewarding their success.

If you are looking at holding an event it should be for a good business reason.

Some valid reasons for holding an employee event:

  • to reward key employees for their business success
  • to encourage employee engagement
  • to celebrate company anniversaries or milestones
  • to introduce mindfulness & wellbeing stress management practices
  • to increase motivation and drive
  • to build teams

These events can be held:

  • outdoor
  • indoor
  • at specific locations (home or abroad)
  • as virtual events

Some of the most popular types of events:

  • sporting
  • food & drink (cooking classes, wine & whiskey tasting, mixology classes)
  • creative (performing arts, painting, craft workshops)
  • themed (parties, gatherings)

The benefits of holding employee events:

  • they improve the working environment and employee morale
  • they promote relationships between employees
  • they communicate the company values & culture (internal marketing)
  • they validate and acknowledge employees
  • they improve employee loyalty and retention
  • they contribute to attracting talent to the business

Things to think about:

  • technology services (pa system, music systems, big screens, live streaming)
  • entertainment (comedian, singer, band, MC, live streams)
  • catering services (bespoke for your needs)
  • ride home for attendees (taxis, minibus)

Due to the complexity some events may require, it makes sense to use a specialist company to organise and execute it for you. In this way, you will increase the quality and originality of the event therefore making it more enjoyable and memorable which is what you should want.

We recommend sourcing a local service provider for the best results.




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