Members’ Clubs

In the past, members’ clubs were seen as being elitist and populated by people who went to the same public schools and universities. These days, private members’ clubs are modern and seeking to attract a much younger and more diverse membership.

You are more likely to find entrepreneurs and self-made business people than not. Clubs now offer a more modern vibe, with a younger more inclusive membership. The only thing you have to be able to do is pay the joining fee.

Most members’ clubs will have an initial joining fee, and then charge an annual subscription.

For this, you will receive a variety of benefits:

  • clubs are comfortable and welcoming where you’ll always feel at home
  • clubs have high-quality accommodation for overnight stays or discounted rates for members with local hotels
  • clubs have facilities to hold business meetings and lunches, so it’s a great place to work or entertain and impress clients
  • club facilities are likely to be excellent with a high quality restaurant included
  • clubs have multiple locations and reciprocal arrangements with other clubs giving wide access to other networks
  • you can typically meet with up to 3 non-members at anytime
  • you can access discounts & special offers
  • specialist clubs such as those associated with sport, enable you to mix with like minded people with similar interests making the club an excellent place to network and make new contacts

With so many new clubs available it’s worthwhile spending some time researching the various choices, so you join a club that suits you.

A good place to start is to ask yourself, ‘what am I interested in?’

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