A Clean Workspace Is A Productive Workspace

A messy office or desk leads to lost documents and information, which in turn leads to lost time searching. The average knowledge worker wastes about two hours per day searching for information.

Cleaning up your desk area and sorting through any messy piles of documents and folders is the smart thing to do.

Use your favourite document management software to:

  • scan receipts
  • documents
  • photos
  • business cards
  • whiteboard notes

These can be stored directly into your phone so you don’t have to remember which desk drawer or file folder you put them in. Then store the hard copies away or file them out of sight if you need to keep the physical paperwork.

Also, have a digital spring clean by deleting any documents, files, programmes or apps on your computer that you don’t use.

A few small changes to the way you organise your workload could make a huge difference to how productive you are in work.


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