How To Welcome New Staff

From working out where to eat at lunch to hitting it off with their colleagues there’s much more to an employee’s first day than showcasing their skills on the job.

Managers here are seven useful actions to make sure your new employee feels part of the team from day one.

  1. Make contact before their official start date

Make sure to contact your new employee before their official start date. You might email them to say you are looking forward to them joining the team.  You could even tweet or send out a press release regarding the new team member joining the company to make them feel especially welcome.

  1. Prepare their desk/workspace

Make your new employee’s desk or workspace a blank canvas. It should be neat with very few items. This will be your employee’s own space so let them feel like it is theirs from the very first time they are allocated it.

  1. Put together a welcome pack for them

Not only will this help them with everything they may need to know about the office/workplace it should outline if possible a typical working day.  This will make them feel at ease.

  1. Take them on a tour
  • get them familiar with the office/workplace
  • show them where all the toilets are not just the main one
  • where to get tea and coffee
  • where to park or where to store their bike

This also allows your employee to ask questions about things you may not have even thought to mention until physically walking past it.

  1. Give them an easy task

This way of easing them into their work without putting too much pressure on them allows a new employee to get to grips with the working environment.

  1. Introduce the team to them

Ideally you could schedule twenty minutes or so to introduce the new employee to the rest of the team.

  1. Connect with them outside of work

If there are any groups or chats on social media add your new employee to them. Add them on LinkedIn or Twitter.

As a manager one of the best things you can do for a new employee is to be a genuine help. They will have questions and will appreciate a smiling face.

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