5 Principles Of Service Design

How does the concept of service design translate into practice?

The five key principles to keep in mind when re-thinking a service design are as follows:

  • User-Centered: Remember people are at the heart of Service Design.
  • Co-Create: Service design should involve other people in particular those who are part of the system or the service.
  • Sequencing: Services should be visualised by sequences or key moments in the customer journey.
  • Evidencing: Customers need to be aware of elements of a service. ¬†Evidencing creates loyalty and helps customers understand the entire service experience.
  • Holistic: A holistic design takes into account the entire experience of a service. ¬†Context matters.

Every step of the way regarding the customer experienced must be designed and experienced by those delivering the service to ensure quality of experience.

A good experience is a shared experience and a good experience means repeat business, which is the goal of business.

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